Wolf and Dog are the same Species

The first dog species that humans domesticated were wolves. Today we call it a dog. The earliest reliable fossils discovered of dogs are 14,200 years old. But there is reason to believe that the wolf was domesticated in several instances, perhaps more than 30,000 years ago, in Europe, Asia, and potentially several other continents.

Domestication of dogs is in many ways the beginning of total human dominance in the world. The agricultural revolution is the key to understanding this and it was only possible through the domestication of a few key species of grass and mammals. The wolf was the only predator to be domesticated, the only top predator, and it was the first in line, long before pigs, sheep, goats, cows and horses.

Norwegian wolf

Wolf is perhaps the species that most closely resembles humans in one of the things that to the greatest extent characterizes us as a species: namely the ability to cooperate. Chimpanzees are similar to humans in many ways, both in behavior, altruism and ethics, but the ability to cooperate to provide food is more similar to the wolf's way of solving problems. One can speculate whether man learned something about social dynamics and sharing from wolves. Maybe it was not just man who domesticated the wolf.